BAKI Spektrometre

Developing of UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer recording spectrum in the range of 200 nm – 1100 nm wavelength region of electromagnetic spectrum is supported within the scope of TUBÝTAK Career Programme project with the number of 104T158. UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer has Czerny-Turner design, which is used to obtain clear spectrum of light emitted from source, and the spectrometer includes reflection, absorption, transmission measurements. Emission spectrum is used for LIBS analysis, investigation of physical properties of plasma, gas-discharge measurements, and at physics laboratories, and also absorption spectrum is used at chemistry laboratories.

Resolution of spectrometer and spectral band width change depending on grating line density. Spectral resolution of UV-NIS-NIR spectrometer is 0.175 nm – 0.07 nm (300 lines/mm – 1800 lines/mm). Mirrors with focal length of 100 mm are used in Czerny-Turner design. CCD array camera, which is used as detector, is compatible with USB, and operate without external power supply. CCD array has 3648 pixels, and the pixel size of CCD array is 8 x 200 µm. It is compatible with calibration by user, and Turkish interface software support is available.


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